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About Us and the Project

Project Committee Members:

Jerry and Marjorie Dixon

Marjorie Dixon and Corona young
Colonial Spanish Horse



Deni Mitchell

Deni on her Colonial Spanish Horse Lucia

Becky Chandos

Becky & Zapata Becky with her Colonial Spanish Horse Zapata


The goal of this project is to have the Colonial Spanish Horse named as the state horse of Arizona.  Our target date is late 2011 so that these magnificent horses can participate in the celebration of the Arizona centennial in 2012.  This project was conceived in early 2009 by Jerry and Marjorie Dixon to honor the ancestry of their herd of Colonial Spanish Horses.  

In July 2009, they approached State Representative Nancy Young Wright of District 26, to help.  Rep. Nancy Young Wright proposed to the committee that state representative for District 25, Patricia Fleming sponsor the bill.  Rep. Patricia Fleming, District 25, agreed to sponsor the bill and write the bill. 

In November2009, Senator Jonathan Paton agreed to sponsor the bill in the Arizona State Senate.  The  "intro-set"... document with proposed bill language has been sent out to the Representatives and Senators for their input and invitation for them to sign on as sponsors.  The bill went to the Arizona State Legislature in February 2010. Unfortunately the bill HB2634 didn't make it to the House Floor for a vote in the 2010 Legislation Year.

In January 2011 we sent a proclamation for the Arizona State Heritage Horse to Jan Brewer the Governor of Arizona. 

For more information on the Colonial Spanish Horse see the History of the Horses webpage and check out the information on Wikipedia's website.

The website was completed in September 2009 and launched in early October 2009.  The website is a group effort that also included help from family and friends.  If you have any suggestions for the website please email us at horses@arizonahorseproject.com.


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